Pavel got a GAČR project


​Congratulations to Pavel for receiving his first GAČR project!Tunable Charge Injection Layers for Efficient Charge Transfer Through Metal Electrode-Organic Semiconductor Interface.In this project,…
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Tunable Charge Injection Layers


The novel single molecular layer can boost the efficiency of organic semiconductor devices.The ability to make good electrical contact between an organic semiconductor and a metal electrode is…
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BDA on silver: phase stabilization and electron beam transformation


We continue to go deeper in the understanding of our model system: BDA on silver. We have published two papers on the topic. In the first one, we describe the electron beam-induced…
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Metal-organic networks stable under ambient atmosphere


Fe-TCNQ network on graphene. Fe atoms are shown as circular features that are regularly spaced by TCNQ molecules.A few years ago, we started with the synthesis of metal-organic networks on the…
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Nishant got the KING project


Congratulations to Nishant for receiving the KING project. Nishant will provide a new view of near-surface oxide structure by TEM. 
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New GAČR projects


We have been awarded 2 GAČR projects this year. The first one concerns metal-organic networks at bismuth selenide surfaces and the second growth of organic semiconductors on graphene. Below is part…
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Congratulations to Anna for 2nd place the SHE STEM Award competition


We congratulate our colleague for the second place in the SHE STEM Award competition for the best bachelor thesis by female students in technical disciplines (science, Technology, Engineering, and…
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Jakub Planer joins the group


We warmly welcome our new colleague. Jakub will look at the charge injection layers from the theoretical point of view. We hope that joining our experimental efforts with his theoretical insights…
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Ph.D. defense of Lukáš


​​​Congratulations to Lukáš Kormoš! Lukáš's defense took place in online space with all the committee distributed around Europe. Lukáš showed excellent performance and was awarded by Ph.D.…
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Zdeněk Jakub got the Marie Curie Fellowship!


Congratulations!Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship provides two-year funding for researchers coming from abroad. In his project, IMAGINE, Zdeněk will develop a spintronic…
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Directors Award


We have received the 2020 CEITEC Director's Award for the publication of the year 
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Zdeněk Jakub joined the group


After his successful Ph.D. at TU Wien, Zdeněk joined our group. He will focus on preparing single magnetic atoms in molecular networks at graphene surfaces and to develop his research on single…
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Group promotion


After a successful evaluation of our group, its status was upgraded from junior to a standard CEITEC research group. We thank all the members for their hard work; without that, it would not…
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Publication is ACS Nano


Our research on phase tranformation was has been published in ACS Nano.Our LEEM/XPS/STM observations combined with AFM, and DFT and KMC calculations by our collaborating partners enebled to…
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Publication in Nature Communications


Our research on molecular tilings has been published in Nature communications.Tessellation of the Euclidean plane into regular polygons – tiles – is a mathematical concept for description of…
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Margareta left for Vienna


After one year of postdoc time, Margareta left our group. She got Elise Richter Project to be realized at TU Wien. We wish her success!
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CEITEC student grants


Veronika and Anton received CEITEC student grants for their research. Cengratulations!
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Publication in Nanoscale


Our research on electron beam induced graphene doping was publidshed in nanoscale. We show thar full scale p- and n-doping can be achieved by lo energy electron beam irradiation at a specific gate…
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We have become a part of Twinning project SINNCE aimed at development of excellent-level science at CEITEC.Project Abstract:The Czech Republic (CR) is one of the most industrial members of EU with…
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Student grant award for Lukáš Kormoš


Lukáš got the CEITEC funding for his research on synthesis of Ni-TCNQ on graphene surfaces. Congratulations!
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Our first paper


The first paper from our group published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry. ​On the basis of local probe measurements we have shown that strong interaction of 4,4′-biphenyl…
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Group estabilished


So, we go on...
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Matthias has joined our roup


Matthias Blattnik joined our group coming from TU Wien. Welcome!
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