Zdeněk Jakub got the Marie Curie Fellowship!

Congratulations!Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship provides two-year funding for researchers coming from… Read more »


Directors Award

We have received the 2020 CEITEC Director's Award for the publication of the year  Read more »

Line moiré in LEED: random graphene orrienation

on FeRh(100) substrate

We take a part in a Twinning project 

We have been successful in project proposal within the framework of H2020/widespread action Twinning. Project SINNCE (Strengthening Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research in CEITEC) is starting in September 2018. We are looking for the cooperation with Ulrike Diebold (Vienna University of Technology) and Alexander Vaskevich (Weizmann Institute of Science) and others. More at: http://sinnce.ceitec.cz/